Kaiflex ST Coils
Seamless insulation for air-conditioning and refrigeration pipes

Benefits & Attributes
Kaiflex ST Coils are long continuous coils of Kaiflex insulation that can be sleeved over pipework, minimising joints and ensuring the most reliable insulation systems possible.

Kaiflex ST Coils incorporate an in-built, closed cell, water vapour barrier that prevents condensation. Longer coil lengths mean fewer seams, creating an even more secure and reliable system.

Conveniently packaged with 15 m long coils in plastic bags and longer coils in square cardboard boxes, Kaiflex ST Coils are easily sleeved over long pipe runs.

  • Closed cell structure with in-built water vapour barrier
  • Inherent resistant to microbial growth
  • Easily sleeved onto pipe coils
  • Flexible, dust und fibre free nature
  • Long length minimises butt joints