​​​​​​​​​​​Kaifle​x R-FORCE
Flexible insulation material designed for bu​ried pipework.

Benefits & Attributes

Robust elastomeric insulation with a unique cell structure that has been optimised to maximise compressive strength, Kaiflex R-Force has been specifically developed for buried pipework and pipework under screed or concrete to reduce energy loss and prevent pipe freezing.

Kaiflex R-Force has been formulated to incorporate a highly refined compression resistant cell structure into a Kaiflex material that retains the same exceptional moisture resistance and thermal performance of traditional Kaiflex grades without any notable change in material density.

Available in either 2 m long tubes or 2.30x1 m sheets and in thicknesses up to 50 mm, Kaiflex R-Force is a strong and robust thermal insulation for a wide range of pipes, including buried district heating pipes.

  • Inherent moisture resistance
  • Robust Elastomeric Skin
  • High Compressive Strength
  • Excellent thermal values minimise energy loss
Inherent moisture resistance
The closed cell structure of Kaiflex resists moisture ingress, keeping insulation dry and efficient and protecting pipes against corrosion.
Robust Elastomeric Skin
A “tougher than normal” skin protects Kaiflex R-Force against the rips and tears that can be caused by impact or contact with sharp surfaces.
High Compressive Strength
With a unique recipe and a cell structure that has been optimised to resist compression, Kaiflex R-Force will not be crushed by heavy loading.
Excellent thermal values minimise energy loss
Kaiflex features a low thermal conductivity that prevents the loss of energy from pipework making Kaiflex an excellent insulating material.