[{"Language":"NOR - no","Translation":"Utviklet for å unngå kondens og energitap"},{"Language":"DNK - da","Translation":"Designet til at modvirke kondensering og energitab."},{"Language":"BEL - fr","Translation":"Conçu pour empêcher la condensation et la perte d'énergie."},{"Language":"BEL - nl","Translation":"Gemaakt om condensatie en energieverliezen te voorkomen"},{"Language":"NLD - nl","Translation":"Gemaakt om condensatie en energieverliezen te voorkomen"},{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":"Product Solutions from Kaimann"}][{"Language":"NOR - no","Translation":"Kaiflex isolasjonsprodukter"},{"Language":"DNK - da","Translation":"Kaiflex isolerings produkter"},{"Language":"BEL - fr","Translation":"Produits d'isolation Kaiflex"},{"Language":"BEL - nl","Translation":"Kaiflex isolatie producten"},{"Language":"NLD - nl","Translation":"Kaiflex isolatie producten"},{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":"Kaimann insulation materials combine cutting edge performance with outstanding manufacturing quality to provide comprehensive thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for a wide range of different applications."}][{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":"/uk-en/insulation"},{"Language":"IRL - en-uk","Translation":"/ie-en/insulation"},{"Language":"BEL - fr","Translation":"/br-fr/insulation"},{"Language":"BEL - nl","Translation":"/be-nl/insulation"},{"Language":"NOR - no","Translation":"/no-no/insulation"},{"Language":"NLD - nl","Translation":"/nl-nl/insulation"},{"Language":"SWE - sv","Translation":"/se-se/insulation"},{"Language":"DNK - da","Translation":"/dk-dk/insulation"}][{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":"CPH Go Airport Terminal Copenhagen"},{"Language":"DNK - da","Translation":"CPH Go lufthavns terminal København"}][{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":"… One of the key technologies used was a groundwater heating & cooling system that reduces the overall Carbon footprint …"},{"Language":"DNK - da","Translation":"... En af de vigtigste teknologier, der blev anvendt var en grundvands varme og køling, der reducerer den samlede udslip af drivhusgasser ..."}][{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":"/authoring/auth/Documents/Prj-Kaiflex-AirportCopenhagen-EN.pdf"},{"Language":"IRL - en-uk","Translation":"/authoring/auth/Documents/Prj-Kaiflex-AirportCopenhagen-EN.pdf"},{"Language":"DNK - da","Translation":"/authoring/auth/Documents/Prj-Kaiflex-AirportCopenhagen-EN.pdf"},{"Language":"NOR - no","Translation":"/authoring/auth/Documents/Prj-Kaiflex-AirportCopenhagen-EN.pdf"},{"Language":"BEL - fr","Translation":"/authoring/auth/Documents/Prj-Kaiflex-AirportCopenhagen-EN.pdf"},{"Language":"BEL - nl","Translation":"/authoring/auth/Documents/Prj-Kaiflex-AirportCopenhagen-EN.pdf"},{"Language":"NLD - nl","Translation":"/authoring/auth/Documents/Prj-Kaiflex-AirportCopenhagen-EN.pdf"}]





Kaiflex STKaiflex ST. Designed to prevent condensation and energy losses STinsulation
Kaiflex ST Coils ST Coilsinsulation
Kaiflex ST Selfseal ST Selfsealinsulation
Kaiflex ST Connect ST Connectinsulation
Kaiflex EPDMplusKaiflex EPDMplus. Designed to resist high temperatures and UV radiation EPDMplusinsulation
Kaiflex HFKaiflex BluEco. Designed to be free of halogens HFinsulation
KaiglassKaiglass. The non-combustible protection against corrosion
Kaiflex 60/80/100 60/80/100insulation
Kaiflex R-FORCE R-FORCEinsulation
Kaipro systems systemsinsulation
Kaifoam PE PEinsulation
Kaiflex TCKaiflex TC. Designed to be tough and durable TCinsulation
Kaiflex Protect Alu-TECKaiflex Protect Alu-TEC. Rigid PVC cladding with a bright surface finish Protect Alu-TECinsulation
Kaiflex Protect RKaiflex Protect R. Tough, durable and reliable protection against industrial corrosion Protect Rinsulation
Kaiflex Protect Alu-NETKaiflex Protect Alu-NET. Bright surface finish for internal applications Protect Alu-NETinsulation
Kaiflex Protect F-BLACKKaiflex Protect F-Black. Mechanical resistance with a black surface finish Protect F-BLACKinsulation
Kaiflex Protect F-ALUKaiflex Protect F-Alu. Mechanical resistance with a bright surface finish Protect F-ALUinsulation
Kaiflex Solar EPDM Solar EPDMinsulation
Kaiflex Solar EPDMplus 2in2 Solar EPDMplus 2in2insulation
Kaiflex PyrostarKaiflex Pyrostar. Designed to stop fire spread Pyrostarinsulation
KaisoundKaisound. Engineered for noise reduction
Kaiflex RTKaiflex RT. Load bearing protection against thermal bridging and corrosion RTinsulation
Kaifoam Pack Packinsulation
Kaiflex Accessories Accessoriesinsulation
Kaiflex Protect Accessories Protect Accessoriesinsulation



Keeping moisture in the air - not on your pipesKeeping moisture in the air - not on your pipes[{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":"Green Guide rating ‘A’ for Kaiflex pipe insulation "}][{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":"Nitrile rubber insulation products including Kaiflex materials, receive an A rating for a number of application areas within specific building types."}][{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":""},{"Language":"IRL - en-uk","Translation":""}]
BIM objects for KaiflexBIM objects for KaiflexBIM objects for Kaiflex[{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":"BIM objects for Kaiflex"}][{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":"… as the complexity of projects has grown the need for reliable ways to exchange information has become critical. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a modern ..."}][{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":""}]
Never lose the plotNever lose the plot[{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":"Never lose the plot"}][{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":"Kaiflex sheet can be turned into insulation covers for bends, tees, reducers and just about any pipe fixture you can imagine. The newly updated Kaimann technical service app makes this easier than ever before."}][{"Language":"EN - uk","Translation":""}]