​Application Areas for Kaimann Products







​Application Areas for Kaimann Products



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Domestic Heating Applications​

In today’s world the idea of living in a home without reliable central heating and hotwater on tap is almost unthinkable. Warm houses are healthy homes whilst hot water makes bathing easier and more comfortable. Central heating is so important that virtually all modern homes are designed with central heating firmly in mind.

In older, less well insulated buildings heating systems can prove expensive to run and the cost of inefficiencies must be borne by the building occupants themselves. Measures to reduce heat loss are therefore widely popular.

How the system is set up determines how effective energy saving measures can be. Domestic heating systems are most commonly set up with a boiler heating water to a modest 60 °C. It is possible to derive the energy needed from renewable sources using heat pumps or solar panels but the vast majority of homes operate boilers powered by burning gas or oil or by using an electrical heating element.

An easily implemented and cost effective way to improve the overall system performance is to insulate the heating distribution pipework. This is particularly true for pipes connected directly to the boiler and the hot water cylinder since only a small initial investment is necessary and the pay back period is very short.

Insulation should be present wherever heating pipe runs outside the building, in loft spaces, garages or other unheated areas and for at least 2 metres along pipe that is directly connected to the boiler or cylinder. Wherever present insulation should demonstrate the following attributes:/p>



Ease of application

Only when insulation is well installed can energy savings be realised. Kaiflex is dust and fibre free and available in a self-adhesive format. It requires no special installation equipment and creates no health hazard to installers.

Excellent thermal performance

With low conductivity and high resistance values that do not noticeably diminish over time, Kaiflex is highly effective insulation for a wide range of purposes and applications.

Reduces thermal bridges

Where small details such as pipe hangers, valves, flanges and bends are left uninsulated the heat loss is disproportionately high. Kaiflex materials allow for difficult items to be more easily insulated, thereby reducing the n​umber of thermal bridges.