​Application Areas for Kaimann Products






​Application Areas for Kaimann Products



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Chemical & Pharmaceutical Applications

Chemical & pharmaceutical process plants are highly engineered production environments requiring tightly monitored conditions. Refrigeration works by transporting heat from one set of heat transfer coils to another. The heat transfer coils are connected by pipework along which flows a liquid or gaseous refrigerant. Mechanical processes acting upon this refrigerant cause it to be at temperatures well below the ambient and as a result the fluid is able to carry heat away from the refrigeration unit.

Since the pipework is operating at temperatures well below freezing water can condense on the pipe surface and instantly freeze. Without correctly applied insulation refrigeration pipework quickly becomes encased in thick ice. Ice formation rapidly accelerates pipe corrosion and increases the heat load on the chiller making the system far less efficient.

Condensation and the resultant ice formation must be prevented along the entire length of pipework, including all valves and fittings. In order to achieve this the insulation must demonstrate the following attributes:



Dust & Fibre free

Dust & fibres can aggravate respiratory conditions and contribute towards “Sick Building Syndrome”. Kaiflex is dust & fibre free and will not release particles during either installation or if disturbed when in use.

Protective surface

Insulation can occasionally be subject to mechanical impact, rips and tears. Whether accidental or intentional these look unsightly and reduce the insulation performance. Kaiflex is available with highly resilient coverings that protect insulation against the most common causes of damage.

Chemical resistance

When in contact with insulation, chemicals and oils can potentially react with insulation or soak into the structure. Pre-covered Kaiflex products are inherently resistant to the most commonly used chemicals.

Anti-microbial protection

Resisting moisture and incorporating anti-microbial additives, Kaiflex offers protection against mould and bacterial growth.