The solution for greater transparency and safety

Kaimann GmbH has developed a new online service to pro-actively respond to advancing digitalisation in construction: KaiTrace. Dealers, designers and installers can all benefit from this digital tool in a number of different ways. KaiTrace enables all relevant information on the Kaiflex premium products used to be called up in seconds online – and forwarded to everyone involved in the project, if required. Products already installed can also be documented with ease using KaiTrace.

Checking the fire protection class and performance values of the insulation installed on site and immediately e-mailing this information to everyone involved in the project has always involved considerable effort for designers, installers and investors to date. This is precisely where the new practical aid KaiTrace from Kaimann comes into its own: the unlaminated hoses and sheets of the manufacturer's Kaiflex premium products now carry a functional product marking – the KaiTrace code. Users can enter this code directly into their tablet or smartphone at www.kaitrace.com and get all the relevant certificates and quality certificates on the Kaimann products used in seconds with "just one click". Convenient: now for the first time even products already installed can be quickly and easily documented and traced end-to-end using KaiTrace

"Safety, sustainability and efficiency are more important than ever in construction projects. At the same time, the construction sector faces the challenge of making design and manufacturing processes even more efficient and more transparent against the background of 'Industry 4.0'," explains CEO and owner Georg Josef (Jürgen) Kaimann. "As a manufacturer, we would like our new service to address this specific issue and offer everyone involved in the construction process greater design and installation safety. This involves reliably documenting and tracing our premium products. KaiTrace takes product transparency in the field of elastomeric insulating materials to a whole new level."

KaiTrace Suisse (French): www.kaitrace.com/ch-fr 
KaiTrace France: www.kaitrace.com/fr
KaiTrace Netherlands: www.kaitrace.com/nl
KaiTrace Sweden: www.kaitrace.com/se
KaiTrace Denmark: www.kaitrace.com/dk
KaiTrace International: www.kaitrace.com/en
KaiTrace Hungary: www.kaitrace.com/hu
KaiTrace Romania: www.kaitrace.com/ro
KaiTrace Spain: www.kaitrace.com/es
KaiTrace Poland: www.kaitrace.com/pl
KaiTrace Italy: www.kaitrace.com/it
KaiTrace Czech: www.kaitrace.com/cz





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