Focus on trends in technical insulation

"Connecting markets. Connecting people." was the slogan of the "KaimannForum" organised by Kaimann GmbH on 16th and 17th June, the first ever cross-industry meeting of experts. The aim of bringing markets and people together was more than met by the developer of modern technologies in the field of elastomeric insulation products sector. Around 700 business owners and decision-makers from 32 countries journeyed to the business premises in Hövelhof to participate in the world's first KaimannForum.

The main focus of the KaimannForum 2015 was on current hot topics such as energy efficiency, greed building, and fire and noise protection, as well as sustainable concepts in the field of packaging and logistics. While a comprehensive programme of talks highlighted the challenges the guests face in their day-to-day work, the exclusive trade exhibition presented the participants with appropriate, sustainable solutions for each application that meet all common requirements with regard to green building, energy efficiency and fire and noise protection. A factory tour also provided an exclusive inside view of the modern production facilities for elastomeric insulation products, providing an impressive example of the advantages of future-oriented practices. The day was rounded off with a presentation of the new Kaimann logistics concept as an example of some of the inspirational aspects mentioned in the talks. The networking evening that followed brought all of the participants together again after an informative event that had provided much food for thought for an exchange among experts in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. "Our aim was to provide our guests with a complete package, including both the problems and the solution. Back in their own operation, they can optimise their own processes with new ideas and vigour, without having to think about the "how"," said the host, Georg Josef (Jürgen) Kaimann, CEO and proprietor of Kaimann GmbH, about the concept of the Forum.

Much praise for an informative event

That one of the leading manufacturer of insulation succeeded in providing a successful mix of specialist presentations, conversation, information and exchange among experts was confirmed by an impressed guest from Leipzig, installer Daniel Taube: "The KaimannForum was a highly professional event and excellent networking platform. I found being able to have constructive discussions face-to-face in such a pleasant atmosphere particularly good. I'll certainly be coming again next time!" Another installer, Mario Rauh from Gefell, also praised the event: "I was very impressed by the factory tour. And all of the presentations on offer were helpful and informative. I would certainly recommend coming to the next event. Seeing and hearing for yourself is always better than reading about it afterwards."

Sights set on pioneering solutions

In addition to the new products, expert talks and guided tours, the innovative and future-oriented logistics and packaging concept that Kaimann exclusively presented to the Forum guests over the two days also met with great enthusiasm. For example, Franco Travaglini, specialist insulation dealer from Switzerland was impressed by the advanced technology: "As a trade partner, we really appreciate Kaimann's excellent customer service, which always reacts very quickly when we need something in a hurry. The new logistics centre on site here is impressive and yet another step towards even greater flexibility. I'll be taking a lot of new ideas and inspiration home with me from the KaimannForum regarding how we can position ourselves even better in the future. As a dealer, we need to actively address new areas in logistics in particular, just as Kaimann is doing." Gerold Springinsfeld, an installer from Austria, was equally as inspired by the KaimannForum: "The new products that were presented offer real added value in terms of handling. I found the new tubular and panel dimensions of the Kairopak packaging system particularly interesting. These optimised dimensions will make it easier to transport more boxes. It will also be easier to store the insulation products more efficiently."

Long journeys paid off

Even for guests such as Mohamed Anwar, a specialist dealer from Qatar, the visit was entirely worth it: "The presentations on fire protection and green building were particularly interesting for me. We have a lot of catching up to do at home in this respect. The new products presented will also provide considerable added value in our day-to-day work. And the new Kairopak packaging system will offer us many advantages as the majority of our customers store their goods outside. I'd definitely come all the way to Hövelhof again for the next KaimannForum as I'm sure that Kaimann will be able to present me with more impressive innovations!" Nihad Mulaosmanovic, a specialist dealer from Bosnia, agreed: "The factory tour, the logistics centre and the new products were all fascinating. It's great to see that with Kaimann, we have such a strong partner at our side, which has its sights on the future and the courage to be proactive."

The bottom line: highly likely to be continued...

All in all, around 700 international specialists and decision-makers from the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, industrial, and oil and gas sectors made their way to Hövelhof to find out about the latest hot topics. "The overwhelming response was that we managed to deliver a compact package of application-related knowledge, while always keeping an eye on providing solutions to the daily challenges faced by our customers," said host Georg Josef (Jürgen) Kaimann, CEO and proprietor of Kaimann GmbH, happily of the positive feedback received from participants. "The number of different sectors represented just goes to show how important such a platform is for business owners and decision-makers outside the respective trade fairs. And since we at Kaimann are passionate about taking success stories to the next level, we won't rule out a continuation of the KaimannForum in the future."




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Around 700 business owners and decision-makers from 32 countries journeyed to the business premises in Hövelhof to participate in the world's first KaimannForum.

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