Logistics at its best

Kaimann GmbH, developer of modern technologies in the field of elastomeric insulation products, represents consistent development and improvement. This not only applies to its products, but also to its customer service. The company therefore marked the opening of its new logistics centre and state-of-the-art production facilities for elastomeric insulation products with a comprehensive programme of celebratory events on 15th June. Customers will now be able to enjoy even faster and more flexible delivery.

The 15th June held many highlights in store for the guests invited to the Kaimann business premises in Hövelhof. Following a personal greeting by CEO and owner Georg Josef (Jürgen) Kaimann, they were given a glimpse behind the scenes of the production facilities where Kaimann started by giving fascinating explanations of the company's production process which uses granulate technology. As this method is technically demanding, the company also continues to develop its own production facilities - currently with a new modern production line that proprietor Kaimann officially inaugurated during the celebrations. The new line insures that the innovative products will be produced even faster and in larger quantities in the future.

High customer service level

From the production facilities the guests moved on to the next high-light: the new logistics centre. Among other points, the route passed through the new HGV terminal and the picking area which gave an initial impression of the impressive scale of the logistics centre. Once inside the centre, Kaimann outlined the new logistics concept, at the heart of which stands the high-bay warehouse. However, it is the customer who always stands in the centre of it all: "Our customers usually have a limited warehouse capacity and simply cannot have all the products they need in stock. Our new logistics concept allows us to provide them with a new level of flexibility, as in future, we will be able to deliver our customers Europe-wide even faster and promptly supply them with the products they require.”

From vision to reality

When fully automated in future, the new warehouse will be in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. "We developed the information and routing software ourselves. This gave us the confidence that our system is tailored precisely to our needs and will run optimally. We have therefore been able to reduce the loading time of our products to just 20 minutes and process up to one hundred HGVs a day," said Jürgen Kaimann. However, it's not just the deliveries of our products which are completed in record time; the route to achieving this is also record-breaking, with the ambitious project being completed within just eight months. At the official commissioning, the invited guests now had the opportunity to see the high-bay warehouse in operation and witness the first pallets being transported and loaded fully automatically. The smooth, quick process was impressive and made it clear just what a high-performance, future-oriented development this latest Kaimann achievement is.

An entire logistics concept

After all these impressive highlights, it was high time to celebrate. The guests were greeted in the marquee by a stylish champagne reception accompanied by speeches from Jürgen Kaimann, the Chairman of the Board of Volksbank Paderborn-Höxter-Detmold, Dr. Ulrich Bitthin, the District Administrator of the District of Paderborn, Manfred Müller, and the Mayor of Hövelhof, Michael Berens. However, Kaimann had yet another world first to reveal: the new Kairopak packaging system, which also optimises this aspect of the logistics process and allows customers even greater flexibility in future. Kaimann therefore presented an outright successful and sophisticated logistics concept which improves on the tried and tested, and unlocks further potential. The event ended with a pleasant networking evening, which left its visitors with a lasting impression of Kaimann's promising future.





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Logistics at its best

On 15th June the company marked the opening of its new logistics centre and modern production facilities for elastomeric insulation products.


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