Kaiflex EPDMplus
Designed to resist high temperatures and UV radiation

Benefits & Attributes

Durable UV resistant rubber insulation for higher temperatures, Kaiflex EPDM is an insulation material with a closed cell structure that provides an inherent water vapour barrier and ensures Kaiflex EPDM can be used to prevent condensation and pipe corrosion.

Resisting temperatures of up to 150°C makes Kaiflex EPDM appropriate for use on low pressure steam pipework but, in addition, the in-built water vapour barrier of Kaiflex EPDM means that the material can also be used on pipework that is operated at very low temperatures or pipework and equipment that intermittently cycles between hot and cold.

Kaiflex EPDM is naturally resistant to moisture ingress and chemical inflicted degradation. Together these properties make Kaiflex EPDM ideally suited for use in demanding industrial process environments where salt water, chemical vapours and high temperatures combine to accelerate corrosion.