Kaiflex RT-KKplus / Kaiflex FT
Load bearing protection against thermal bridging and corrosion

Benefits & Attributes

Insulated load bearing pipe sections that are vapour sealed and resistant to compression, Kaiflex RT-KKplus prevents condensation, corrosion and energy loss at critical points.

Kaiflex RT-KKplus consists of high density, compression resistant, PIR foam sections combined with water vapour resistant Kaiflex KKplus insulation and a protective outer shell covering. Load bearing pipe clamps that would tear or compress standard insulation tubes can be applied directly around Kaiflex RT-KKplus sections.

Manufactured to the same engineered wall thicknesses as other Kaiflex KKplus products, Kaiflex RT-KKplus sections provide a "step-free" solution for insulating thermal bridges, ensuring a durable, reliable and visually attractive solution that helps to keep pipework free of corrosion.