Kaiflex HTplus
Insulation "plus" efficiency benefits

Benefits & Attributes
Many buildings may be hiding real treasure: In the basement area alone, non-insulated pipes and fittings result in heat losses of up to a quarter of the total heating energy consumption. The flexible elastomeric insulation material Kaiflex HTplus enables the energy costs of a building to be significantly reduced just by insulating the accessible pipes.

The key characteristic for insulation materials is their thermal conductivity: The lower this characteristic, the less energy is lost. With a thermal conductivity λ at 40°C of ≤0.037 W/(m·K), Kaiflex HTplus has an excellent thermal insulation value. This highly flexible foam material with a very fine cell structure meets the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance and is easy to handle, even in difficult installations.

  • Thermal conductivity: λ at +40 °C ≤ 0,037 W/(m·K)
  • Additional protection against micro-organisms and mould
  • Fire behaviour: flame retardant, material class B-s3, d0, self-extinguishing, non-dripping, does not allow passage of fire
  • Good sound barrier