Kaiflex KKplus s1
Uncompromising. Because safety comes first!

Benefits & Attributes
In Europe up to 10.000 people per year die as a consequence of fire – in Germany 600 people fall victim to 200.000 damaging fires in total. Over 80 percent don’t come to death through flames, but through the emerging smoke. In the event of a fire every second counts. Therefore finding possible escape routes quickly is vital for people who are trapped by flames. Since this is only possible with low smoke development, the smoking behavior of the built-in insulation material is crucial.

The insulation system Kaiflex KKplus s1 is our ultimate choice for the technical insulation of buildings. It is particularly suitable for use in busy public, commercial and residential buildings. The highly fire-resistant Kaiflex KKplus s1 is the first black flexible insulating material worldwide to comply with Euroclass B/BL-s1, d0. Thanks to KaiCene-Technology and INCERAM-Cladding Kaiflex KKplus s1 offers very low smoke development and high flame retardancy at once. Thereby it significantly helps to protect people: escape routes remain visible and the danger of suffocation and poisoning is significantly reduced. Lifesaving in the event of a fire. Planners and contractors can be sure that they are on the safe side with Kaiflex KKplus s1.

  • Our new safety standard for busy public and commercial buildings
  • Low smoke development and high flame retardancy provide additional personal safety in the event of a fire
  • Active fire protection, thanks to INCERAM-Cladding (sheets coated)
  • Minimizes reliably energy loss
  • Effectively prevents water vapour diffusion and thus maintains the systems long-lasting insulating effect
  • Easy to use, thanks to KaiCene-Technology (tubes uncoated)
  • High system reliablity with pipe supports, tape and glue