Kaiflex KKplus s2
The system solution for reliable domestic applications

Benefits & Attributes
The well-established Kaiflex KKplus s2 insulation system is the ideal choice for the technical insulation of buildings and refrigeration plants. It is particularly suitable for use in busy public, commercial and residential buildings, where it is essential to keep escape routes smoke-free and to considerably reduce the risk of suffocation and poisoning in the event of a fire. Thanks to KaiCene-Technology sheets are available for the first time without any coating, thus have a considerably improved smoking behaviour and are also simpler to install.

As a flexible closed cell insulation material with low thermal conductivity an high water vapour permeability Kaiflex KKplus s2 provides reliable protection against energy losses, even in shallow insulation thicknesses. Furthermore it prevents accumulation of condensation water and pipe corrosion.

Planners and contractors can be sure that they are on the safe side with Kaiflex KKplus s2.

  • Ideal choice for busy public and commercial buildings, as well as refrigeration systems
  • Combines fire protection, energy efficiency and corrosion protection
  • Classidfied as s2, it complies with demanding European smoke specifications
  • At least 90 minutes fire resistance according to DIN 4102-11
  • Easy to use, thanks to KaiCene-Technology (sheets uncoated)
  • Coordinated components ensure outstanding reliability