Kaiflex Protect F-ALu (KKplus)
Mechanical resistance with a bright surface finish

Benefits & Attributes
Insulation protects pipework from condensation, corrosion and energy loss whilst reducing noise levels and playing a role in health & safety provision. Whenever exposed, insulation is covered to ensure it remains free from damage whilst also exhibiting a visual appearance in fitting with its location. Applying the correct covering system will increase the shelf life of insulation, keeping pipework dry and corrosion free for longer periods of time.

Selecting the most appropriate protective covering can be an involved process. The first and most crucial decision to take is to use a non-metallic covering system. Non-metallic covering systems are completely free from any risk of galvanic or bi-metallic corrosion - reducing the monitoring and maintenance requirements.

Kaimann offers a full and varied range of Kaiflex Protect covering systems to suit the needs of almost any project. All Kaiflex Protect systems are non-metallic and applied without the need for specialist labour or hot working permits.