Kaiflex Solar EPDMplus 2in2
Designed to improve solar hot water efficiency

Benefits & Attributes
Kaiflex Solar EPDMplus 2in2 is supplied as twin coils of corrugated stainless steel pipe that is pre-insulated with solar grade EPDM insulation. Kaiflex Solar EPDMplus 2in2 connects solar panels to storage cylinders while minimising energy loss, keeping solar water hot long into the colder months.

Kaiflex Solar EPDMplus 2in2 is based on naturally UV-resistant EPDM rubber and comes with an additional co-extruded foil pre-applied that deters accidental and deliberate damage and vandalism over long periods of time.

The corrugated pipe is specifically designed for to withstand high solar temperatures and pressures. By incorporating a corrugated structure the pipe can be effortlessly bent around the tightest bends and Kaiflex Solar EPDMplus 2in2 is fully compatible with all standard solar panels, cylinders, pumps and fittings.

  • Durable protective covering
  • Energy saving for solar hot water systems
  • Pre-insulated coils for quicker and easier installation
  • Integrated electrical sensor cable
  • Compatible with standard solar fittings