Kaiflex Pyrostar
Designed to stop fire spread

Benefits & Attributes
Kaiflex Pyrostar is thin and flexible with a strong intumescing effect that tightly seals fire wall penetrations and prevents fire spread. Kaiflex Pyrostar is fibre free and features a closed cell structure to prevent any moisture ingress that could impact on performance.

Compatible with flexible and rigid insulation and extensively tested in real fire situations on combustible and non-combustible pipes passing through both light and solid wall constructions, Kaiflex Pyrostar fully maintains the fire wall integrity up to 120 minutes.

As a flexible solution which is easily cut to size, Kaiflex Pyrostar eliminates the need to order and retain a wide range of uniquely sized cuffs for each combination of pipe size and insulation thickness. One roll of Kaiflex Pyrostar can be adapted on site to seal almost any pipe penetration against fire spread.

  • Flexible, dust and fibre free nature
  • Maintains fire wall integrity for up to 120 minutes
  • Compatible with combustible and non-combustible pipe
  • Flexible rolls to fit all pipe sizes
  • Effective against moisture ingress