Kaiflex RT-KKplus s1/s2
Load bearing protection against thermal bridging and corrosion

Benefits & Attributes
Kaiflex RT-KKplus s1/s2 pipe supports are a combination of extremely pressure-resistant PUR/PIM foam segments embedded in the Kaiflex KKplus insulation product and are protected by highly robust INCERAM cladding. As with Kaiflex KKplus products, the pipe supports also offer a reliable solution for the prevention of thermal bridges and also prevent pipe corrosion. Reliable thermal decoupling is achieved by means of an integrated water vapour barrier and self-adhesive joints.

Thanks to INCERAM cladding, Kaiflex RT-KKplus s1/s2 pipe supports provide minimal smoke emission and, at the same time, high flame retardance. In the event of fire, they therefore contribute significantly to personal protection: escape routes remain visible and the risk of suffocation and poisoning is significantly reduced.

  • Reliable prevention of thermal bridges
  • Integrated water vapour barrier
  • Prevention of energy loss
  • Reliable long-term performance
  • Simple installation
  • In the Kaiflex KKplus s1 system, it complies with the highest European smoke specifications, and with demanding European smoke specifications in the Kaiflex KKplus s2 system.