The most flexible approach to soundproofing

Benefits & Attributes
Kaisound is very special: it is “foamed foam”, means it comprises foamed parts being arranged in a way that the final material is again porous. The resulting interpenetrating pore network exhibits extremely versatile pore morphology. These various pores will reflect and absorb almost any kind of frequency bringing the amplitudes down significantly by changing the sound energy into calorific energy which is dispersed into the visco-elastic matrix: the sound waves will undergo “viscous death”.

Kaisound may be composed from foams of varying cell size, cell morphology or even be based on raw materials of different dynamic stiffness –including the patent pending R-FORCE semi-rigid foam – leading to a broad range of possibilities for sound reduction: frequency related, broadband or customized for the application.

  • Soundproofing system
  • Absorption and reflection
  • Insulation and damping
  • Flexible and variable