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​Bruksområder for Kaimann produkter



​​​​​​​​​​HVAC Applications

In large commercial buildings ductwork allows for the distribution of heated air and the extraction and replacement of unhealthy stale air. Insulation is an essential part of a ducted air-conditioning system. Large surface areas create significant heat losses/gains and this energy loss can be minimised using insulation which also has the effect of preventing the formation of condensation.

Alongside heated or cooled air, ductwork also carries noise and contaminants associated with “Sick Building Syndrome” that is thought to cause or aggravate illness, fatigue and a wider loss of productivity. Insulation can be associated with dust, fibres and mould growth and so selection is vitally important.

Flexible closed cell insulations are dust and fibre free and as moisture resistant foams naturally restrict mould growth. In addition flexible closed cell foams have excellent acoustic properties and can be used as combined thermal and acoustic insulation.

The following attributes should be considered when selecting insulation for use on ductwork:



Closed cell structure

Foams formed from thousands of tiny closed cells are known as closed cell foams. When the cell walls are impermeable, as is the case with Kaiflex, moisture cannot “wick” through the material.

Excellent acoustic performance

Noise is contained and dissipated by visco-elastic materials which absorb sound and decouple vibration. Kaiflex is visco-elastic and provides excellent acoustic performance.

Dust & Fibre free

Dust & fibres can aggravate respiratory conditions and contribute towards “Sick Building Syndrome”. Kaiflex is dust & fibre free and will not release particles during either installation or if disturbed when in use.

Formaldehyde free

Formaldehyde is a hazardous gas classified as a human carcinogen and tight occupational exposure limits are set. Being free of Formaldehyde, Kaiflex does not contribute toward the overall levels of Formaldehyde experienced.

Anti-microbial protection

Resisting moisture and incorporating anti-microbial additives, Kaiflex offers protection against mould and bacterial growth.