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​Bruksområder for Kaimann produkter



​​​​​​​​​​​Solar Hot Water Applications

Heat loss from the pipework connecting a solar panel to a hot water cylinder can reduce the effectiveness of a system, greatly reducing the expected payback. Insulation of solar pipework reduces energy loss making the system more efficient throughout the year. This is especially important during Autumn, Winter and Spring months as the energy saved directly offsets the need to revert to conventional boilers.

Solar hot water pipework is, however, more challenging to insulate than conventional domestic hot water systems. Panels are always located outdoors, often long distances from the hot water cylinders and insulation on the connecting pipework is prone to attack by rats, birds & other vermin. Damage of this type exposes the bare pipe, creating thermal bridges which reduce insulating performance and increases energy loss.

In order to prevent energy loss from solar hot water pipework the following attributes should be displayed:



Resistant to moisture ingress

As a water resistant rubber material, Kaiflex is highly resistant to moisture ingress and will not allow water to easily compromise the material properties and performance.

High Temperature Resistance

During the summer solar hot water pipework can exceed 100 °C. Insulation must withstand these temperatures.


Penetrating UV-light can break some insulation down from within. Solar hot water insulation should be inherently resistant to UV-degradation.

Vermin Resistance

Birds and rodents aggressively target insulation as a source of nesting material. Resilient coverings protect insulation, maintaining effectiveness over many years.


Solar pipework is bent tightly to connect solar panels to the hot water cylinder. Flexible materials fit the bend and can insulate all of the pipework without the need for thermally wasteful seams.