Kaifix ECplus: time-saving, ecological and inexpensive adhesion of insulating materials

At building sites, speed is usually of the essence, but the work must still be done carefully. This is especially true of tube insulation adhesion. Kaimann can now offer its partners a pragmatic, time-saving alternative to conventional wet adhesive. The Kaifix ECplus intelligent joint adhesive enables you to connect elastomer insulating materials in the Kaimann lengths of 1.20 m and 2 m more quickly, more cheaply and more conveniently.

Kaifix ECplus is based on high-quality, self-adhesive-coated R-FORCE material which enables the innovative joint adhesive to be semi-rigid but remain malleable. This means that Kaiflex tube insulation can be connected in a matter of seconds without creases or air pockets: just remove the film, stick the adhesive to the tube, stick it together with the next tube – that’s it. There is no simpler or cleaner way to do it. Optimally adapted to Kaiflex products, Kaifix ECplus ensures highly reliable technical insulation with a long lifespan.

Kaifix ECplus also complies with the current requirements governing environmentally friendly and low-pollutant construction. The solvent-free adhesive layers can be safely used in buildings which are constructed or renovated according to Green Building guidelines.

Kaifix ECplus guarantees easy and reliable handling all along the line.






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