High quality and efficient processes hand in hand

With its establishment of a state-of-the art, fully-automated logistics centre and new, advanced automation systems, Kaimann has been setting key milestones in logistics efficiency. In line with its growth strategy, Kaimann has now also added to its process management team in order to further optimise existing business and system processes and to develop with a firm focus on the future. The process and logistics expert Ingo Kahmann joined the company on 17 July 2017, strengthening the newly created level of “Business Excellence Experts” in his role as “Business Excellence Expert Supply Chain.”

With many years of experience as a logistics and process manager in retail and industry, Ingo Kahmann has successfully and repeatedly driven the optimisation of intralogistics and supply chain management, the improvement of planning and control, and the reduction of logistics costs in various well-known industrial companies. He has also implemented SAP in the supply chain environment (EWM / APO) on a number of occasions.

As Business Excellence Expert Supply Chain, Ingo Kahmann will be responsible for optimising order-to-delivery processes at Kaimann with a view to taking customer satisfaction and efficiency in this area to the next level. The processes he will be putting under scrutiny range from raw materials procurement to production planning, stock replenishment and despatching. “Ingo Kahmann joins us with immediate effect as a well-versed process manager and logistics expert. He boasts many years of experience in industries with a high supply chain focus, among them the automotive, food, wholesale, textile and pharmaceutical sectors. We are delighted to be able to fill this important and newly created position with a versatile expert,” stated CEO and owner Georg Josef (Jürgen) Kaimann. “Both our customers and our employees will benefit greatly from the planned optimisation of all kinds of processes. Our goal is to continue working in the interests of our customers and to maintain our high level of quality and efficiency.







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