Transport, storage and handling: excellent!

Last year saw the market launch of the innovative Kairopak packaging and logistics system by Kaimann, the insulation material specialists. The inventive new product has now received an innovations prize from the French trading group SOCODA, awarded to manufacturers of especially sustainable and ecological products.

With its Kairopak system, Kaimann was able to triumph over many renowned competitors in the category "Heating/Plumbing". An expert jury was especially impressed by the transportation capabilities of the elastomeric insulating materials, which enable increased efficiency and cost savings due to the new product and packaging dimensions.

The award is endowed with a price money of 10.000 €. In addition, Kaimann receives marketing support within the network for the next two years.

For sellers: more space, profit and capital

Elastomeric insulating materials generally require lots of storage space. Space-saving storage is, however, important for sellers to keep down costs. By optimising packaging contents and the number of cartons per pallet, less storage space is now required. A change from conventional pallets to the new dimensions of 800 x 1230 x 2550 mm has reduced the required pallet volume by 63 %. This was made possible by modifying lengths to 1.2 m, thereby reducing carton volumes by 40 %. This saves costs and generates less waste. Also impressive is the positive effect on CO2 emissions: for a standard 400 km route, 14 % fewer CO2 emissions per metre of packaged material are produced compared with transportation in conventional cartons.
Kaimann Ausschreibungstexte 

For installers: more flexibility, time and ease of application

Kaicalc 2.2 

The expert jury also emphasised the benefits when applying the materials. Kairopak is deliverable by parcel service so even small quantities can be supplied quickly, inexpensively and directly to construction sites. On arrival, the 1.20 m product length makes handling easier. Furthermore, the new Kaifix EC joint adhesive enables Kaiflex insulating materials to be joined quickly, conveniently and in an environmentally friendly way without having to use conventional wet adhesives. Kaifix EC adhesive layers are also solvent-free and comply with green building standards.

Prioritising customer benefits

Kaimann developed the Kairopak system according to the day-to-day needs of its customers. Equal consideration was given to the requirements of the different target groups. "As a developer of modern technologies, it is important for us to constantly improve our processes and products", said Georg Josef (Jürgen) Kaimann, CEO and proprietor of Kaimann GmbH. "We are therefore especially delighted with the award for our Kairopak system as it further demonstrates that the path we have taken in product and service development is precisely the right one".

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