​Kaimann sets the course for further growth

As a globally successful company that is also closely linked to the German location of Hövelhof, Kaimann GmbH took action at an early stage to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency with the aim of positioning itself at the forefront of the international elastomeric insulation materials market. This included automating its production processes, constructing a new logistics centre, introducing the ground-breaking Kairopak logistics and packaging concept, and migrating to SAP-based business processes. With the expansion of its leadership team, the insulation materials specialist has now taken another major step forward on its ambitious growth path. CEO and owner Georg Josef (Jürgen) Kaimann has been assisted by an enhanced leadership team since 1 April 2017.

“We have implemented a number of important optimisation measures in the last three years in order to achieve our vision of becoming a global technology and market leader in the field of elastomeric insulating materials. We have subsequently grown as expected. Expanding our leadership team is a further necessary step that will ensure we are able to strategically manage the individual areas of our company and continue on our path to success,” said Jürgen Kaimann. In addition to Ralf Springub, he has been supported since the start of the second quarter of the year by Sylvia Kaimann and Anette Kaimann-Dirks in the new role of Executive Vice Presidents. They are assisted by Jürgen Kranke as chief operating officer (COO), Sven Studer as chief marketing officer (CMO) and Dr Matthias Gellert as chief financial officer (CFO). Dr Gellert, a highly competent expert in finance, IT and process optimisation, takes over from Martin Eilerts, who left on 31 March after six years with the company.

“Proactive, accomplished and experienced – with our new leadership team, we are ideally positioned for the future, and this will benefit customers and the company alike,” said Jürgen Kaimann.​​


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