Highly fire-resistant insulating material complements proven insulation system for safer domestic applications

Kaimann, the globally successful insulation specialist, is evolving its proven premium insulation system Kaiflex KKplus to be fit for the future. Certified with smoke classification s1, it now conforms to the most exacting fire protection requirements – the tube material even without an additional coating. It thus ideally complements the Kaiflex KKplus s2, which has recently been available as uncoated sheets, thanks to innovative KaiCene-Technology, and which has significantly improved smoke behaviour and, at the same time, is easy to work with. Designers and installers can be confident of being on the safe side with Kaiflex KKplus.

"Our Kaiflex KKplus insulation system is an ideal choice for technical building insulation, coupled with safe fire protection and greater energy efficiency. It is particularly suitable for use in busy public, commercial and residential buildings, where it is essential to keep the escape routes smoke-free in the event of a fire," explains CEO and owner Georg Josef (Jürgen) Kaimann. Kaiflex KKplus reliably prevents the formation of condensation and pipe corrosion in the long term. The closed cell structure provides greater dimensional stability and ease of handling, at the same time as creating a reliable vapour barrier effect: moisture is effectively stopped and this excellent insulating effect is maintained throughout the entire service life of the insulating system. Due to its combination of extremely low thermal conductivity and high water vapour diffusion resistance, even shallow insulation thicknesses of Kaiflex KKplus provide reliable protection against energy losses. Thanks to its antimicrobial and noise-reducing properties, as well as its dust- and fibre-free construction, Kaiflex KKplus is also extremely versatile to use – thus ideal for insulation work in healthcare institutions, public, commercial and industrial buildings.


Kaiflex KKplus s1 and s2 for safe fire protection

Kaimann is launching a highly fire-resistant and virtually smoke-free insulation system with its Kaiflex KKplus s1. The new s1 sheets are considered to be "actively fire protecting" thanks to their INCERAM-Cladding. The innovative KaiCene-Technology, for which a patent is currently pending, means that the tubes conform to European smoke class s1, even when uncoated. For this reason, Kaiflex KKplus s1 is particularly suitable for the insulation of buildings in which the highest smoke class s1 is called for in the event of a fire. The new insulation system also features excellent thermal efficiency with a Lambda value of λ < 0.038 W/(m·K) for sheets and λ < 0.038 W/(m·K) for tubes at a temperature of 0 °C.

Thanks to its low smoke emissions in accordance with European fire classification B-s2, d0, Kaiflex KKplus s2 also significantly helps to improve the safety of people: escape routes remain visible and the danger of suffocation and poisoning is considerably reduced. The insulating material easily meets the thermal demands placed on very good insulation with Lambda values of λ <0.033 W/(m K) (tube format) and λ < 0.038 W/(m·K) (sheet format). Thanks to KaiCene-Technology, Kaiflex KKplus s2 sheets have a lower raw density and thus improved insulating effect, compared to other low-smoke products. Another benefit is their ease of use: the insulation sheets featuring KaiCene technology are available for the first time uncoated and are thus easier to handle. They are available in 6 to 32 mm dimensions.


Intelligent complete system for ease of use

As a developer of innovative technologies in elastomeric insulation materials, Kaimann is keen to offer installers, designers and merchants intelligent and complete solutions at all times. For this reason, the process to certify the relevant systems in accordance with the corresponding European fire and smoke classes is about to be completed. Individual components are ideally matched to each other and feature outstanding system reliability. Thus, for example, Kaimann has developed the Kaiflex special adhesive 415plus for the bonding of Kaiflex KKplus: it is low-smoke, drip-inhibited and has excellent final strength. Ultra-convenient and, at the same time, environmentally-friendly bonding is possible with Kaifix ECplus, a system consisting of R-FORCE carrier material, coated with special adhesive, for rapid butt joining. The solvent-free adhesive layers are GreenBuilding-compliant and can be easily and safely applied.

Apart from the sophisticated accessories, the underlying logistics and packaging concept Kairopak also helps the systematic Kaimann approach to stand out from the crowd: all the materials, both tube and sheet format, are available in the advantageous 1.20-metre dimension. This permits space-saving storage, more flexible transport – on request by Kaimann directly to site – and easier handling on site.






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