​Application Areas for Kaimann Products






​Application Areas for Kaimann Products



Cold Water Applications​

The scale of damage and financial cost of water pipe​s burst due to freezing can be devastating. Insulation offsets pipe freezing and is highly recommended. Domestic cold water in the UK is piped directly into homes from a central supply. As water pipes enter a building they create weak points, known as thermal bridges, in the building fabric through which heat is lost. Condensation can also form on the cold surface of the pipe inside the building.

Cold water pipe insulation plays an important role in preventing these problems but the prevention of pipe freezing is by far the single greatest reason for insulating cold water pipework.

Water left stationary and exposed to sub-zero temperatures will eventually freeze. As pipes freeze water expands and the pressure exerted is enough to either burst pipes along the length or to break pipe connections apart.

By greatly slowing the rate of freezing insulation makes pipe freezing much less likely. Insulation should be present along the entire pipe length and should have the following properties:



Long term thermal performance

Preventing moisture ingression into the material structure prevents an increase in the thermal conductivity. Kaiflex has a highly moisture resistant closed cell structure and keeps insulation effective for long periods of time.

Ease of application

Only when insulation is well installed can energy savings be realised. Kaiflex is dust and fibre free and available in a self-adhesive format. It requires no special installation equipment and creates no health hazard to installers.

Resistant to moisture ingress

As a water resistant rubber material, Kaiflex is highly resistant to moisture ingress and will not allow water to easily compromise the material properties and performance.

Closed cell structure

Foams formed from thousands of tiny closed cells are known as closed cell foams. When the cell walls are impermeable, as is the case with Kaiflex, moisture cannot “wick” through the material.