​Application Areas for Kaimann Products






​Application Areas for Kaimann Products




Split air-conditioning systems are indispensable for maintaining comfortable temperatures in shops and offices throughout the summer. ​Air-conditioning works by using a refrigerant liquid or gas to transport heat from one set of heat transfer coils indoors to a second outdoors connected by small bore copper pipe. Mechanical processes cause the refrigerant to drop in temperature allowing the fluid to carry heat outside the building.

As an energy intensive process it is important to ensure that an air-conditioning system achieves the maximum possible efficiency. By limiting the heat gain to pipework insulation plays a role in this but pipe insulation on air-conditioning systems performs another, more important, role.

Moisture condensing from the air can rapidly accelerate the corrosion of copper air-conditioning pipes. Corrosion diminishes the life of pipework and can be expensive to fix. As such it is essential to prevent condensation occurring on the pipework.

Insulation should be present along the entire length that, in order to prevent condensation, is able to demonstrate the following attributes:



In-built water vapour barrier

The cumulative moisture resistance of the many layers of watertight closed cells is so great that Kaiflex has no need for an externally applied water vapour barrier - the vapour barrier is built in and cannot be easily compromised or pierced.


Open cell foams absorb water like a sponge through the wicking process. Kaiflex is non-wicking and moisture cannot move through the closed cell structure.

Flexible & seamless application

Most energy loss, ice formation, condensation and corrosion on insulated pipework occurs where slight gaps forms in the insulation. Kaiflex is flexible and the full contact adhesive bonds on a cellular level preventing open joints.​