​​​​​Kaifoam PE
Saves energy and offsets pipe freezing in domestic applications.​

Benefits & Attributes
Kaifoam PE is a high-quality, easy-to-process polyethylene insulation material for heating and sanitary facilities. With its low thermal conductivity and minimised energy loss, it is capable of sustainably reducing CO2 emissions. The material also prevents the formation of condensation on cold water pipes.

Kaifoam PE-RO consists of a polyethylene insulation material and a durable polymer foil coating. With its robust surface, Kaifoam PE-RO is ideal for insulating pipes underneath plaster on walls or floors. In addition to minimising energy loss, it also effectively reduces structure-borne sound transmission and the formation of condensation.

Kaifoam PE-DH and Kaifoam PE-DHplus are floor sleeves made of high-quality polyethylene specially designed for insulating heating pipes beneath flooring. Both of these floor sleeves effectively minimise energy loss and their robust foil coating provides additional protection against mechanical damage caused during installation.