Products for Special Applications from Kaimann


Cutting insulating products precisely and ergonomically

Kaimann has developed a practical and innovative tool – its new mobile working station Kaicut Pro 1.2 – with which elastomeric insulation products can now be handled significantly more efficiently and ergonomically on site. It helps contractors to cut the new beneficial 1.20 m insulation material more easily, cleanly, reliably and almost without offcuts, thereby save precious time and money.

The ingenious work station is a cutting surface, tool and template in one – so that all the materials users need for the cleanest possible cutting and efficient handling of insulation material are to hand.

No more hassle of searching for a cutting surface on the construction site – no more kneeling, bending and slipping when you're cutting. Insulation sheets can now be cut to the desired width from the top along the integral groove – simply and ergonomically, by both left-handed and right-handed users. Thanks to the groove set into the bench top, it is easy to achieve clean, precise edge cuts with angles of, for example, 27°, 45° or 90°. The result: permanently bonded panels with durable overlaps. The Kaicut Pro 1.2 can also be used to cut more precisely pipe bends and angles made of Kaiflex tube material.

Convenient: the work bench has a handy transportable shape and can be converted quickly to become a multifunctional work station.