KaiCut Pro 1.2: cutting insulating products precisely and ergonomically

Kaimann GmbH has developed a practical and innovative tool – its new mobile working station KaiCut Pro 1.2 – with which elastomeric insulation products can now be handled significantly more efficiently and ergonomically on site. It helps contractors to cut the new beneficial 1.20-metre insulation material more easily, cleanly, reliably and almost without offcuts, thereby save precious time and money.

The ingenious work station is a cutting surface, tool and template in one – so that all the materials users need for the cleanest possible cutting and efficient handling of insulation material are to hand. No more hassle of searching for a cutting surface on the construction site – no more kneeling, bending and slipping when you're cutting. Insulation sheets can now be cut to the desired width from the top along the integral groove – simply and ergonomically, by both left-handed and right-handed users. Thanks to the grooves set into the bench top, it is easy to achieve clean, precise edge cuts with angles of, for example, 27°, 45° or 90°. The result: permanently bonded panels with durable overlaps. The KaiCut Pro 1.2. can also be used to cut more precisely pipe bends and angles made of Kaiflex hose material.

Convenient: the work bench can be converted in minutes from a handy transport case to become a multifunctional work station. Users can find a video on this at www.kaimann.com/kaicut-pro which clearly explains the benefits, construction and multifaceted uses of the KaiCut Pro 1.2.

Benefits of the system

The new work station is part of the innovative Kairopak System packaging and logistics concept. KaiCut Pro 1.2 is thus ideally suited for the cutting of sheets and hoses with the new advantageous 1.20-metre dimension. The Kairopak System offers dealers and installers a sophisticated and comprehensive all-round service comprising logistics, functionally packaged products and intelligent working tools. The effect: the handling of elastomeric insulation materials is much safer, more efficient, simpler and more flexible from transport, storage and delivery to installation.




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