From vision to realisation

After only eight months, the construction of our logistics center comes to an end.
See the most important steps in a time-lapse video.




Kaimann GmbH, developer of modern technologies in the field of elastomeric insulation products, represents consistent development and improvement. This not only applies to its products, but also to its customer service. The company therefore marked the opening of its new logistics centre and state-of-the-art production facilities for elastomeric insulation products with a comprehensive programme of celebratory events on 15th June. Customers will now be able to enjoy even faster and more flexible delivery.

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The logistics centre is nearing completion with the installation of the stacker cranes marking yet another milestone on the way to record delivery times of our products.

Each of the three stacker cranes are capable of lifting up to 3,000 kg and covering the entire height of the warehouse, enabling them to meet any challenge they may face. Working at a speed of 35 km/h, they will transport Kaimann products quickly and safely through the logistics centre. Although it was a standard procedure, the assembly process was a sight to behold with a crane lifting the stacker cranes over the high open roof at a height of 36 m and into the pre-configured logistics centre.

(The construction partner responsible for our warehouse racking technology is viastore systems GmbH.)


With the completion date of the logistics centre drawing ever closer, construction work is continuing at a record-breaking pace. And now the next stage – installation of the sprinkler system – has also been accomplished.

With 4,000 sprinkler heads and around 7,000 meters of pipework, the new logistics centre is well protected against fires. The sprinklers are mounted on the racking itself and extinguish selectively, with only those sprinkler heads being activated that are located in and near the zone where the fire breaks out. This advanced technology and its intelligent control system ensure that not even a fire will be able to disrupt us and we can continue to keep our promise of being able to deliver to our customers and partners faster than before.

(Our sprinkler system has been supplied by construction project partner Minimax GmbH & Co. KG.)


The envisaged “logistics centre” is rapidly continuing to take shape. The first of a total of 360 thirty-three-metre high racking frames now create important “cornerstones” for the ultra-modern interior of the high-bay warehouse.

An overall 597 tonnes of steel and bolts will be assembled within the logistics centre over the coming weeks. They are critical in ensuring that Kaimann trade partners will soon be receiving their deliveries. A total of 66,000 steel elements and 166,000 bolts will be used to assemble frames and shelves for the racking, which will then provide around 20,000 pallet spaces. The racking will be secured soundly in place to the solid concrete floor by means of 1,500 steel anchors. In the future, 25 high-efficiency 400-Watt LED narrow angle lights will illuminate the aisles of the racking at 150 lux

(The steel racking construction has been supplied by Stow Deutschland GmbH on behalf of viastore systems GmbH.)


An enormous 175 tonnes of reinforcing steel hold together 1,300 cubic metres of concrete to ensure that in future, the 2,000 square metres of the high-bay warehouse will be able to reliably bear the weight of the innovative facilities, state-of-the-art technology and high-quality KAIMANN products 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Construction of the steel racking will start mid-January. The floor will thus soon support around 480 tonnes of steel racking and 1,500 tonnes of pallets of Kaiflex products.


The shell of the new logistics centre is now complete and has been celebrated with an exceptional topping-out ceremony.

Owner and CEO, Georg Josef (Jürgen) Kaimann, and Hövelhof Mayor, Michael Berens, greeted the 350 guests, while a master carpenter gave the traditional topping-out speech expressing the wish for the successful completion of the construction project. A laser show set off the shell and made for an exceptional atmosphere. Special appreciation was shown to the project partners involved in the construction, who were awarded by Jürgen Kaimann.

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Making steady progress: Today the first double support was set.


The building plans have been released and all the preparations are complete. On 29th September 2014, work began on the construction of the new logistics centre. The official construction phase was launched by CEO and owner Georg Josef (Jürgen) Kaimann, the District Administrator of Paderborn Manfred Mueller and Mayor of Hövelhof Michael Berens with the setting of the first 50-tonne steel reinforced concrete support in front of numerous guests of honour. The new logistics centre is scheduled to be put into operation as early as the second half of May next year. “Thanks to its innovative facilities, the logistics centre will set a milestone for the region and our market. This is also reflected in the striking symbolic building height of 36 meters,” summed up Jürgen Kaimann.