Kaimann – a traditional company with innovative capacity

Since the company was founded by Wilhelm Kaimann in Hövelhof in 1959, we have been writing an impressive success story, and today, Kaimann is an internationally established manufacturer and developer of modern technologies in the field of elastomeric insulation products. We owe our great global successes, above all, to our consistent orientation towards continuous further development and optimisation in all areas of the company.



The driving force behind all of this has always been the Kaimann family itself. It is involved in every single process and, thanks to the necessary foresight and vision, continuously provides new impetus for improvements and innovations.

We therefore offer a broad portfolio of elastomeric insulation products for a wide range of applications and have a comprehensive distribution network covering more than 50 countries. Kaimann products ensure high efficiency, as well as safe and effective fire, noise and corrosion protection, and are used in the following sectors: domestic applications, industrial manufacturing, the foodstuffs industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, heavy industry and the oil and gas sector.



Owner and CEO Georg Josef (Jürgen) Kaimann took over the reins of the company in 2003 and declared a new vision for its corporate development: Kaimann would be the best manufacturer of flexible rubber insulation in the world.

In order to realise this vision, we address the specific needs of our customers, and refine and optimise our production processes and technologies along with our insulation products themselves, their packaging and dispatch.

Our motto: Where processes meet their limits, we try our utmost to overcome them and find new solutions.

Optimal production processes for customised products

In order to be able to offer our customers suitable solutions, we first of all need the right production facilities. This is why we have also taken the development and construction of our facilities into our own hands. Our latest production line has also made our plant an advanced and future-oriented production facilities for elastomeric insulation products.


​​An essential component of our efficient and advanced production process is the granulate technology used in our plant in Hövelhof. In this respect, we have succeeded in pushing beyond the physical boundaries of insulation product manufacturing, stopping the production process at a specific point and changing the material to rubber granulate. This prevents the premature reaction of the materials and increases the quality of the output. Further precision work has also allowed us to all but eliminate the "shrink effect" which follows production. This technology and mastery of the production processes make it possible for us to produce high quality products to precise dimensions.

High level of customer service

For the best possible service we have developed an innovative storage and logistics concept. With our fully automated logistics centre, we are able to supply our trade partners even more quicker in future. All this is achieved using highly sophisticated technology, with pallets being booked into and out of around 20,000 pallet slots around the clock, 365 days a year. Thanks to automated logistics processes, Kaimann is prepared to load up to 180 trucks per week in the future. This allows us to supply our customers with products quickly, reliably and flexibly.

Kairopak – more than just a packaging

According to our motto, we are never happy staying with the status quo. Therefore, we have consistently optimized the current packaging. Our new concept offers customers numerous benefits: more space, greater security, more free capital, more time, greater flexibility and more profit. Kairopak caters to the day-to-day needs of customers, so even smaller quantities can be supplied. This means less storage volume and improved handling: the 1.20-metre-long cartons reduce the required pallet size by almost two thirds. Optimising the carton size to parcel service delivery dimensions also ensures fast and flexible replenishment.

Harmonious triad creates ideal service

Production processes, logistics and packaging – with the optimisation of these three components, we already offer our customers a very high degree of reliability, flexibility and added value. And we've not yet reached our peak by a long way – our development process continues. We are constantly asking ourselves what we can improve further and are always working on new innovations, because we still have grand plans for the future.